Youth Service

There are many opportunities for young people within the Rotary family.

We encourage young people to develop their skills in a variety of ways.

Rotarians share their skills and empower young people to grow.

Rotarians share their skills and empower young people to grow.


Interact is a Rotary sponsored Club for 12 to 18 year olds meeting weekly, having fun and serving others.

Usually school based but can be community based.

The club is self-governing, the members elect their own officers and meet weekly.

Each year they carry out a community and international project.

Rotarians provide support and guidance.


Rotakids is for youngsters aged 7 to 12 years.

Introduces young people to Rotary ideals and helps them to develop personal and social skills.

They too carry could carry out community project and run a fund raising event.

They usually meet within school time.

Youth Competitions

The 8 Clubs in the Milton Keynes Area join to organise the Rotary Technology Tournament, Young Musician and Young Chef.

This year representatives  from each of these 8 Clubs will be encouraging young people to take part in Youth Speaks, Young photographer  and Young Writer.

The winners of the club competitions then take part in the District finals and those winners eventually could be selected for the National finals.

The young people who take part in youth competitions gain confidence and enhance their life skills.