Our Programmes

18 January 2018

7.15 PM Time to review one project and search around for the next. Satelliters come prepared with your ideas.

22 January 2018

Fellowship Lunch – Gives us the opportunity to socialise and get to know our members and a great opportunity to introduce future members and guest to our club.

29 January 2018

Our 5th Mondays are dedicate to special programmes and social events. Chech what is in our Programmes for this month.

1 February 2018

7.15 PM Our meetings are informal – but we get a lot done. We usually get a drink from the bar and move into one of the downstairs meeting rooms at the Holiday Inn, where it’s quiet. When parking your car, use the outside strip of parking, not the area immediately in...

15 February 2018

 7.00pm    Our club is getting together to a 10 Pin Bowling night, we will be joined by our fellow Satellite club members and our families.  

05 February 2018

As a very active and community engaged club, we have many issues members are actively involved in decision making, so every 1st Monday of the month we discuss and vote on matters raised by our Club Council. This lunch is an Administrative lunch but we keep the same fellowship at every meeting.

Apologies & Meal Changes

Please fill this form when requesting apologies and meal changes prior to meetings, other requests can be made by using the ‘Contact Us’ Page.

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