First the trees,,,

Let the flowers bloom!

On the first Saturday in December, ten Rotarians and two spouses spent the morning at Kilkenny House, planting a few trees, lots of flowering bushes, and many plants and bulbs. The bulbs included purple crocuses, Rotary International’s symbol for their campaign to eradicate polio.

This large sheltered housing scheme has a lovely residents’ lounge, which overlooks a patio and a steep grass bank. John Yelland, the chair of its residents’ association, carrying through the idea of Jim Weight (recently a resident, now sadly deceased), was keen to make the outlook more attractive, and Milton Keynes Rotary Club offered to do the work.

A local Milton Keynes Councillor, Geetha Morla, provided the cost of the plants from the annual allowance she has to spend on local
projects in her ward.

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